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Rge Foundation Repair Pros is one of the best companies based in Minneapolis, MN, with diverse experience in foundation waterproofing and concrete repair services. We have a rising reputation in the technical world, and our delighted clients has given us their faith.

Our resources include qualified management personnel as well as an exceptional team of experts who are trained, motivated, industry-skilled, and groomed to work as a team to complete all types of construction and concrete projects. Our team of exceptional contractors have years of experience in this field.

They know how to fix all of the foundation and concrete issues and they strive hard to deliver results beyond our client’s expectations. We can complete all sort of foundation and concrete repair projects with utmost perfection.

The Foundation Repair Pros Is A Top Rated Basement Waterproofing Contractor.

Top waterproofing contractor. Foundation Repair Pros Of Minneapolis has earned a reputation for quality and delivering projects within a reasonable time frame and budget criteria, thanks to our qualified and experienced contractors. With the use of latest technology and our diverse knowledge about this field we provide exceptional foundation repair services. Any residential or business foundation or concrete repair service can be completed by our foundation repair experts since they have the required knowledge and experience.

Every project is completed using cutting-edge processes and cutting-edge technology. We support our clients with their projects from concept to completion and proudly offer best construction-based solutions in Minneapolis, MN, all with the goal of betterment of our city. We are a well-known finest construction firm that primarily focuses on giving the highest quality building services. Look no farther than our foundation specialists, who have years of experience and knowledge to provide you the best services in Minneapolis, MN.


Are You Looking For Foundation Repair Services?

If you are looking for foundation or concrete repair services in Minneapolis, MN then Minneapolis Foundation Repair Pros is the best place to go. We lead the industry because of the most professional, reliable, and affordable services that we offer. We put our substantial experience to work for our clients.


We know there are a lot of homeowners out there beginning to see signs of house foundation problems and wondering what they’re options are for fixing the foundation problems.
The immediate fear is not knowing what type of foundation repair is needed to correct the house leveling issues.Then they question what is the cost is involved. Foundation Repair Pros Mn suggest its best for home and business property owners to deal with the situation head on.
There are a number of foundation repair contractors in the Twin Cities area for you to call on. Go ahead and get two or three estimates. Most foundation repair companies are offering free foundation repair estimates. Take full advantage of the free information.
You might be asking yourself. Why are we advising you to get multiple estimates from foundation repair contractors. Most contractors just tell you why you should hire them to do the job. They don’t tell prospective customers to check with other contractors. We like to think we’re a little bit different. Plus, we live in the real world. If a friend or family member ask me how to go about finding a contractor for a home improvement project. I would tell them to get on the phone with two, three or more contractors to get an estimate. If my wife wants to remodel the bathroom. I’d suggest we get at least three estimates. Why then would I advise a customer from doing anything different than what I would suggest to a friend or family member? See what I mean?
We like our customer to say good things about us and the contracting work we provide them. If we’re going to get to a satisfied customer. We need to start off on the right foot. That means giving them good advise from the get go, right?
Satisfied customers will be sure to share their good experience with our company to their friends, family and co-workers. So, get the estimates but at least make sure we are one of the estimates. That way we have a shot at earning your business now or in the future.
We provide foundation repair, house leveling, pier and beam foundation repair solutions for home and business property owners. If you need an estimate or consultation. We want you to call us. We know you’re probably calling two or three other foundation companies. That’s okay. We will do our best to address all your questions and concerns. Then provide you with a written quote. If you decide to contract our company. We’ll get you scheduled in for the repair. You can reach us at (612)-425-1986

Foundation Repair

For many years, we have been fixing foundations. We think that everyone deserves to live in a safe and healthy environment. We will make certain that all foundation problems are resolved.

Basement Waterproofing

Without waterproofing, the average basement is a moisture magnet, attracting standing water, musty, and damp odors. But, with our waterproofing solutions, we can help you turn that basement into a much drier and more enjoyable area.

Drain Tiles

Minneapolis Foundation Repair is a company that specializes in foundation repair. We are Minneapolis, MN tile drainage experts. All components of your property’s drainage system, including drain tiles, can be installed, maintained, and repaired by us.

Foundation Excavation

In addition, we offer the greatest foundation excavation services. Our service includes site preparation and grading to ensure that your new home or extension is built to last. Existing foundations and unneeded structures can also be removed.

Concrete Repair

Without waterproofing, the average basement is a moisture magnet, attracting standing water, musty, and damp odors. But, with our waterproofing solutions, we can help you turn that basement into a much drier and more enjoyable area.

Why Choose Us?

Choose us for foundation repair services in Minneapolis, MN as we have the following benefits to offer you.

Exceptional Service

You can count on us for personal attention on your project from conception to completion. Customers are encouraged to ask inquiries and maintain an open channel of communication with us. Maintaining communication with you, the customer, ensures a smooth transition from one phase to the next, and, most importantly, a successful project and satisfaction.

Competitive Rates

We don’t believe that in order to get a good deal, quality has to suffer. We endeavor to give high-quality work at a reasonable price. We’ve spent years cultivating beneficial relationships with dependable subcontractors and suppliers. As a result, our competitive pricing reflects the volume discounts we obtain.

Quality Focused

With the client in mind, quality and design were prioritized. We take pride in employing only the finest – the greatest materials, the best construction methods, and the best people. Simply said, this gives the owners the best return on their investment.

Home foundation repair is a very important aspect if you do not want to wake up one day and find that the house has been damaged because you did not care to look after the foundation. As the years go by, the structural stability of the foundation can become exposed to stress induced by design or environment issue. It is therefore important to have it inspected and repaired if there are any problems so that it can continue serving its intended purpose without any complications.

The ideal time to take part in pier and beam foundation repair or any other foundation repair project is just before you go ahead and start on any home improvement project. This ensures that you have a firm foundation so that the improvement projects can run smoothly. It is also recommended that you also do this before you put up the house for sale. This can be used as a main selling point to attract many customers as they will not have to spend money and other resources to take care of this once they have made the purchase. You however do not have to be selling the house nor undertaking a home improvement project to take part in the home foundation repair as it can also be done simply to protect the home investment

There are numerous options that people have when it comes to foundation repair allowing them to choose the one they feel will work best for their home. Piers which are concrete pressed pilings can be used to handle the task. This is where a concrete cylinder that has already been pre-formed is used to level and repair the concrete foundations that are found in the home. This is an incredible tool as it produces excellent results within a short span of time

There is no need to worry if you do not have a concrete foundation as you can also engage in pier and beam foundation repair. While this may be a traditional foundation system it works as effective as the new methods introduced in the market today. Some of the problems that the systems can face include moisture from the soil and drainage issues as well as improper construction among many others. Shoring and strengthening of the foundation is advisable to ensure that everything is in place and it can be used for a long time without any complications.

There are numerous benefits that you can enjoy by correcting some of the signs that you notice with the foundation such as cracks in the floors/walls or even the door refusing to shut among many others. For one, you will arrest the problem fast before it blows out of proportion. This will also help you save money and the effort that would have been used to handle the job incase the signs could have been ignored. This also ensures that contractors have an easier time when handling the other house repairs because they will not get things collapsing in the middle of a project

For the pier and beam foundation repair to be done in the correct way, you will have to employ reputable professionals to handle the job if you are not going to do it on your own. It is important to do your homework thoroughly when choosing the company that will work for you so that you do not waste time, money and other resources on a company that will only come in to offer a shoddy job as this can end up being more expensive and frustrating at the end of the day

Take time and compare the services that are offered by different companies to choose the one that you feel you are most comfortable with. You can look at the past projects they have handled before to know if they are the best persons for the job. In line with this, you can also ask for contacts of clients who have worked with them before to get to know the kind of experience they had with the company. This will help you to make an informed decision on the best company to work with. Don’t forget to ask for quotes so that you can also compare these with various companies to get the best rates in town.


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